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La revue DadaTristan Tzara


A complete black and white photocopy reprint (with the author's permission) of the review published from 1916 to 1922 by Tristan Tzara followed by an extensive critical apparatus.

The periodical Dada, founded in Zurich in 1916, then published in Paris by Tristan Tzara, is one of the most important documents for understanding the mutation which occurred in the 20th century in literature, art and ideas.

It contains, in a layout revolutionary for the period, texts and illustrations signed by the most representative names of the European avant-garde, particularly those of: Albert-Birot, Apollinaire, Aragon, Archipenko, Arp, Ball, Breton, Cendrars, Chirico, Cocteau, Cravan, Delaunay, Dermée, Duchamp, Éluard, Ernst, Hausmann, Huidobro, Janco, Josephson, Kandinski, Marinetti, Modigliani, Pansaers, Picabia, Picasso, Pound, Prampolini, Radiguet, Reverdy, Ribemont-Dessaignes, Richter, Satie, Soupault, Stieglitz, Schwitters, Varèse...

The complete series of the original issues of Dada is practically unobtainable. Our reprint, the only one authorized by Tristan Tzara in his lifetime, aims to make accessible to all researchers, artists, collectors, museums, art galleries and students a collection previously accessible only to the privileged few.

Volume I
Reprint of 6 issues of Dada proper: Dada 1, 2, 3 ;  

Anthologie Dada (4-5) ;

Bulletin Dada (6) ;

Dadaphone (7) ;

Dada au Grand air (8). 
ISBN 2-902311-17-6 
21x29,5 - 134 p.

Volume II
Complete critical apparatus including historical and biographical notes, variants, unpublished works, correspondence, tables, semiological and literary analyses by Michel Sanouillet and Dominique Baudouin. 
In the appendix, reprints of related periodicals like Le Coeur à Barbe.
ISBN 2-902311-19-2 
21x29,5 - 282 p.

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