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Narrow Ellipses celebrates dada pioneer Man Ray

Man Ray's staggering body of work encompassed a variety of mediums and techniques, but sound was not one of them. His handful of short films, pillars of the early 1900s dada movement, were silent but fired the imagination with their energy and imagery.

The same is true of his photography, painting and rayographs, his version of photograms. The majority inspire immediate and visceral reactions, and it all comes with a soundtrack waiting to happen.

Brian Manley and Douglas Lucas will make it happen Saturday at Modern Cult Records with Narrow Ellipses, a program of experimental and improvisational music performed as an instant soundtrack for a selection of Ray's films from the 1920s. [...]

Presented by Night Train Cocktail Lounge and The Medium is Sound
WHEN: 8 p.m. Saturday, November 22nd
WHERE: Modern Cult Records, 2001 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, Kentucky, USA
COST: $5